Update on our Office Protocol changes and Appointments

updated 3/25/2020

A note to all of our patients and friends:

These are truly unprecedented times for our country and for all of us.  At Allergy & Asthma Care and Prevention Center, we sincerely care for all of our patients and are working countless hours to maintain your access to us and to good healthcare.

My current focus is the health and well-being of my patients and my staff.   This has required my clinic to be somewhat fluid in response to the evolving pandemic and the recommendations nationally from the CDC and locally from CDPHE.  We have continued to modify the way we “practice medicine”.  We are now offering Telemedicine visits for many of our patients.  This is a live, interactive video conference visit between you and one of our providers.  Telemedicine serves several purposes right now:

  1. It allows sick patients to stay at home but still allows us to assess and give recommendations including medication prescriptions.
  2. It allows the ‘at risk’ patients to stay at home but still have access to us.
  3. It allows our clinic to be a safer and significantly less busy place – which in turn allows us to practice social distancing AND allows for necessary face-to-face visits to occur in a safer environment.

We have had several days worth of Telemedicine visits now, and overall the experience has been good for both patients and for us.  We are still having minor technical issues on occasion, so I ask for your patience and grace as we move forward.

For those that will need to come to our office, we have changed many of the logistics of checking in and the visits themselves.  This is all in an effort to protect you and to protect my staff.

We are also receiving a high volume of phone calls and web portal messages. We will return all phone calls and messages, please be patient, I promise we are working through the messages as fast as we can.

We are hearing from many patients that have not been seen in over a year, and in some cases, several years.  We want to be helpful to all patients that contact our office, but please know that we must balance this with practicing good, sound medicine.  If we have not seen a patient in more than 12 months, we will not necessarily be able to provide prescriptions refills or documentation.  Most of these issues can be resolved with a Telemedicine visit within a weeks time.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is unlikely to improve quickly and therefore we will continue to work hard for your health and well-being.

Thank you trusting in us, I am humbled each day by my interactions with so many wonderful patients and by my hard-working team members.

In good health, Dr. Stewart

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