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Halloween Can Be Scary – If You Have Food Allergies!

By Lora Stewart, MD


Halloween can be a frightening time if you or someone in your family has a food allergy. Candy with potential food allergens seems to be lurking around every corner this time of year. As a result, trick-or-treating can be a perfect disaster between the excitement, the candy and the darkness! But if you have a plan for Halloween, you can take the FRIGHT out of the NIGHT! Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your trick-or-treating plan. Be sure to discuss these points with your children before heading out to eliminate any surprises.


Be clear from the beginning that there will be no eating while trick-or-treating. You might want to bring safe snacks from home or feed your kids prior to leaving. Do not put yourself in a position of having to read labels and make decisions in the dark and away from home.


If applicable, be sure to have your epinephrine auto injector with you the entire time. There are also many homes that participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. These homes will have a teal pumpkin outside and will only offer non-food items for Halloween. Learn more at foodallergy.org


Once you are home, inspect all candy for potential allergens. Keep in mind that “Fun-sized”        treats may have different labels than the normal-sized treat. Be sure to inspect all labels carefully.  Your unwanted candy can be donated to several different organizations, such as   those that send care packages to U.S. troops.  Click here for options for donating candy.


Consider avoiding trick-or-treating altogether. Instead plan a new family tradition of a movie and popcorn at home, board games or even a craft night!

We hope that following these guidelines will help you and your family enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. As always, contact us with any questions or concerns. Happy Halloween!