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Skeeter Syndrome

by Lora Stewart, MD


We’ve all had mosquito bites, but for some, those bites are larger and more troublesome than normal. This type of reaction to a mosquito bite may be an allergy to mosquito saliva called Skeeter Syndrome.  Almost all mosquito bites have some redness and itching, but with Skeeter Syndrome, the bites are very swollen, extremely itchy and often last for days. The bite site also may be warm to the touch, and the skin can even break down and ooze. This type of allergic reaction is rarely serious or life threatening, but it can be very uncomfortable and, at times, temporarily disfiguring.

In people with a significant history of reaction, allergy shots can be used to treat Skeeter Syndrome. But for most, there are other options. Avoidance is very important and includes wearing long sleeves and pants in areas with mosquitoes. It also is very important to apply mosquito repellent. Finally, if someone has a history of Skeeter Syndrome, pre-treating with antihistamine will lessen the reactions. Once bites are noted, treating the site with ice and a topical antihistamine or steroid also can help.

If you are concerned about Skeeter Syndrome, please contact us (303-706-9923 or www.allasth.com).

Enjoy your summer, and remember to use insect repellent!