What is Exercise Induced Asthma?

What are the symptoms of Exercise Induced Asthma?

The symptoms of Exercise Induced Asthma may include trouble breathing, chest tightness, coughing or trouble catching your breath during or after exercise. Most, but not all, patients with asthma have exercise induced asthma as well. A patient can also have asthma that is ONLY induced by exercise and not other triggers.

How is Exercise Induced Asthma diagnosed?

Exercise Induced Asthma usually diagnosed by history and testing. The testing may include an exercise challenge which will be completed by the allergist. The purpose of diagnosing Exercise Induced Asthma is to maximize the patients exercise tolerance and exercise safety.

How is Exercise Induced Asthma treated?

Exercise Induced Asthma is most commonly treated with medication pre-treatment. This means that a patient will take a medication to prevent the breathing symptoms associated with activity. For patients with more severe symptoms, they may need to take a medication every day. The majority of patients with Exercise Induced Asthma will continue to tolerate exercise on a regular basis with good tolerance and safety under the care of an allergist.

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