What is Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is a skin reaction or rash that is caused by certain substance that come into contact with your skin.

What does Contact Dermatitis look like?

Contact dermatitis can be itchy or painful and can appear red and scaly. At times there are blisters or open skin.

What are some common triggers of Contact Dermatitis?

Common triggers include metals such as Nickel sulfate, perfumes or fragrances which are added to soaps and lotions, dyes, and latex.

How is Contact Dermatitis diagnosed?

Contact dermatitis is usually suspected when the doctor sees the rash and listens to your medical history. The gold standard testing for contact dermatitis is through patch testing. In many instances, patch testing allows the doctor to correctly identify a specific substance or chemical which is a likely trigger of the rash.

How is Contact Dermatitis treated?

The best treatment course for contact dermatitis is to avoid future contact with the trigger. For acute symptoms, cold compresses, anti-histamines and topical treatments are usually recommended. For severe cases, oral steroids may be recommended.

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