Update for Immunotherapy (allergy shots) Office Protocol during COVID-19 Pandemic

updated 3-25-2020

We continue to work to balance your access to vital treatment and providing a safe environment for all of our patients.

We have now had nearly a week of scheduled allergy shots, and it continues to go well.  Thank you to every patient who has called or texted us for a time slot.  We appreciate your efforts to help us maintain social distancing and to maximize the safety of all of our patients and our staff.  We will continue this plan for now.

We would like to reiterate, that for some patients, temporarily stopping allergy shots for the next 4-8 weeks is a reasonable option. If you choose to temporarily stop allergy shots, we will simply adjust your dose at the time you restart and then allow you to build back to maintenance dosing. We recommend patients over age 65 and those with compromised immune systems strongly consider this option.

For those of you who to continue to receive allergy shots, we will continue to schedule allergy shot visits every 10 minutes during our clinic time and will have all allergy shot patients wait in private rooms for their 20 minute post-injection observation. This will allow a minimal amount of patients in the allergy shot and waiting room areas at any given time.


To schedule an allergy shot appointment:               CALL 303-706-9923 or TEXT 720-476-1885.


In your voice or text message, please include your name and date of birth and 2-3 approximate times and dates that you would prefer.

Example text or voice message:

     Jane Doe, dob 1/1/2001, Tues 3/24 between 10-4 pm.

     John Doe, dob 2/2/1992, anytime Thurs 3/26.

We will call or text you a confirmation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move forward. The recommendations for safety and to decrease the spread of COVID-19 are evolving quickly. We will get through this but we need to work together!


Sincerely and in good health,    Lora Stewart MD and Meghan Garcia MD

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