UPDATE on COVID-19 Eligibility

As many of you are aware, the vaccine distribution schedule for Colorado was updated on 1/29/2021.

The update has created a Phase 1B2 and a Phase 1B3.

Phase 1B2 will be starting Monday 2/8/2021 and will include Coloradans age 65-69, teachers/child-care workers and some government workers.  This means that starting on 2/8/2021, this group (age 65-69, teachers/child-care workers and some government workers) will be eligible to receive the vaccine.  The availability of vaccine is still limited and it may take several weeks to schedule and receive the 1st dose.  During Phase 1B2, all Coloradans who were already eligible, including healthcare workers, age >69 years, and first-responders, are also STILL ELIGIBLE and have priority to receive the vaccine.

Phase 1B3 will likely start in March.  Phase 1B3 will include front-line essential workers and Coloradans age 16-64 with 2 OR MORE HIGH RISK FACTORS.  These high-risk factors have now been defined as the following: Coloradans with cancer (defined as patients who are currently receiving treatment or have received treatment within the last month for cancer), chronic kidney disease, COPD, diabetes mellitus, Down syndrome, specific heart conditions (heart failure, cardiomyopathies or coronary heart disease, and severe valvular/congenital heart disease), obesity (BMI of 30 or more), pregnancy, sickle cell disease, solid organ transplant, disabilities that prevent mask-wearing.

This is a very specific list.  Asthma is NOT currently included in this list and this is a change compared to previous definitions of high-risk characteristics.

Phase 2 will likely start in spring 2021 and will include Coloradans age 16-64 with one high-risk condition (as listed above) as well as other categories of government employees and adults who previously participated in a COVID-19 vaccine trial but received a placebo.

At this point, patients with asthma are not considered high-risk and those under age 65 without one or more of the qualifying high risk factors will be eligible for vaccine in phase 3.

Vaccine availability (not eligibility) is still very limited and even if you or a family member is eligible, it may take weeks to actually receive the vaccine.  Additionally, 2nd doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine take priority over Coloradans receiving their 1st dose of these vaccines.

Finally, we are still awaiting further clarification and this may change in the future.

Here is a link to the current Vaccine Distribution plan for Colorado: COVID-19 vaccine | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

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